In the virtual world, Oly Sport has teamed up with

The Metaverse-based horseracing platform Oly Sport has signed a historic cooperation with the crypto online casino firm (BSGG), launching the first horseracing NFT game.

Horse racing enthusiasts will no longer need to invest in the Oly Sport NFT ecosystem to watch and wager on live races thanks to this collaboration between Oly Sport and


Purchasing, breeding, and racing NFT racehorses is at the heart of the Oly Sport platform. Over 4,000 of these races pitting virtual racehorse owners against one another through metaverse gambling have already been organized by Oly Sport.


The company stated it had earned $2.3 million from token sales in November 2021, and it is now organizing a tournament that will run throughout the month of July 2022.


CEO of Oly Sport Jimmy Chan said, “We’re excited to announce our very first partnership with a betting platform as part of our ongoing commitment to grow and serve the requirements of the esports community.


This collaboration demonstrates our dedication to expanding the horse racing industry into the virtual world.


Betswap’s CEO, who goes by the alias “Mavic,” continued, “This relationship will solve the unmet need for accessibility in the field of sports betting, particularly with respect to NFT horse racing.

With Oly Sport’s help, technology, and community, we can connect with more horse racing fans around the world.


The decentralized Betswap platform offers customers privacy and anonymity, sealed contracts, and lower transaction fees. The BSGG coin used on Betswap is currently hosted on multiple blockchains including Ethereum, Avalanche, and Fantom.


Considering the recent slump in cryptocurrency mining, the August 2022 launch of the Oly Sport platform on Betswap couldn’t be more timely.






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