Slot Overview: Links of Ra

Links of Ra, developed by Microgaming partner Slingshot Studios, is yet another slot machine with an Egyptian theme. What can be said about this region that hasn’t already been expressed in numerous reviews? Put on some sunblock and a hat since you’re about to enter a scorching desert in a distant land? You’re in for a unique adventure full with puzzles, pyramids, and tombs, so get ready! Certainly, this is the case with Slingshot’s Links of Ra, where players may spin for the chance to win big among Power Stacks, free spins, and a Link&Win Feature with four jackpots.

There is no ambiguity about where in Links of Ra Slingshot has taken players. Big, massive pyramids cover the horizon behind the game panel, the jackpot information, and other UI items. Since there are only three truly impressive pyramids at Giza (among many lesser ones), Slingshot has exercised considerable artistic liberty to increase the level of intrigue. Maybe we’re not in Giza after all, but in some unexplored part of Egypt. One of the coolest things about Egypt is driving around and seeing odd pyramids in the middle of nowhere, and the discovery of such a vast ancient metropolis spread out in the foreground would make any archeologist renowned for life. That digression is a long way of stating that Links of Ra is an attractive video game because it accurately portrays Egypt’s exoticism.

The 40 available paylines and the action take place on a central 5 reel, 4 row gaming panel. Lines that win pay off from left to right, beginning with the reel on the far left. Although it’s easy to get lost in the dazzling Egyptian sunlight, players should keep at least one eye on the Return to Player (RTP). The best possible rate of return is 96.20%, while 94.23% or lower is possible. Given that the main game is rather featureless other from the rare Power Stack, the game’s volatility is deemed to be “very high,” which essentially implies that you either win big during streak respins or lose big overall. Links of Ra may be played on any device, with bets ranging from 20 pence to £/€20 each spin.

The symbols of Links of Ra are all related to each other and are designed with care. There are four jewels for modest payouts and five gods for the top tier. You can get 5–7.5 times your bet for a line of five what we think are Khnum, Sobek, Bastet, Anubis, and Horus. The game’s logo serves as the universal wild card that substitutes for any other symbol. Five wilds on an active payline are worth 25 times the total wager. It can substitute for any other pay symbol to help you win.

Slot Functions in “Links of Ra”

Most of the bonuses that may be won when spinning Links of Ra have been alluded to. Power Stacks, free games, and the Link&Win bonus are the three.

Power Structures

During any spin, Super Stacked symbols might appear at random. Anything (other from scatters and wilds) can appear on all reels as a Super Stacked symbol.

Bonus Turns

When you get three scatters anywhere in view during the main game, you win 15 free games. All victories in these rounds are doubled, but otherwise follow the same rules as the regular game.


This bonus round is activated by landing a total of 6 coin symbols. The coin symbols that triggered the respin are fixed for three further spins. Any additional coin symbols that occur during the feature will lock into place and trigger another round of respins, but regular payouts will not appear. When the respin feature ends, the sum of all visible coin values is tallied and distributed.

Each coin might be worth anywhere from 1-15 times the stake if the Link&Win feature is triggered from the main game. The four jackpot coin symbols are the Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand, and they pay out at rates of 20x, 100x, 500x, and 2,500x the wager, respectively. All coin awards, including the jackpot coin prize, are doubled if the Link&Win feature is triggered during free spins.

Slot Machine Review: Links of Ra

To begin, I want to mention that Links of Ra is a really professionally produced slot machine. The visuals are first rate, the interface is as smooth as it gets, and the overall effect is one of high quality. If players enjoy the grand Egyptian concept, that may be enough to convince them to take a risk. If not, I don’t see Links of Ra getting any attention. The problem is how overused the elements and themes are. As with numerous other Egyptian video games, the vista of Giza and the god symbols really seem lovely. Any once-exotic experience might become mundane with excessive consumption. That is, unless a game developer or publisher achieves something extraordinary. While we have no complaints with the game’s implementation, there is nothing particularly new or exciting to entice players return to the deserts of ancient Egypt once they’ve had enough.

The same holds true for features that accomplish their job without surprising the user in any way. Free spins with a multiplier that doubles any wins, and a basic, repetitive respin feature for long winning streaks. No attempt has been made to include the level of complexity seen in other companies’ hold & win games. Hey, hey, it may be appealing to some people. The values of Link&Win combinations that are triggered during free spins are increased by a factor of two. That’s a wonderful touch, and it may be the key to winning the $5,000 grand prize. Oddly enough, the maximum payout in Links of Ra is £/€500,000, or 25,000 times the maximum wager. Though I won’t rule out the possibility, I can’t help but wonder how realistic that number is, and whether the true xbet potential is far smaller.

Perhaps we were just tired of steak rehashes when we reviewed Links of Ra, or perhaps this is just a case of a visually appealing game that essentially delivers more of the same. Whatever the case may be, Links of Ra looks good and plays OK, but it doesn’t exactly make you want to play it again.






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